About Us


    Durham Handcrafted Longboards is 100% devoted to Family, Freedom, and Fun! We are a family owned and operated business recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest to the warm sunny beaches of the Florida Atlantic coast.


    An avid surfer and skater in his youth, Durham Handcrafted Longboards creator, Jake, found himself inland and raising a family. Pining for surf, he spent over a decade trying to recreate the sensation of surfing. Durham Handcrafted Longboards was the answer that he was looking for-- pure land surfing stoke! Now, no waves, no problem! Bonus... sharing the fun with his two sons, Xander and Rocket. From artisan craftsmanship in the shop to designing and test riding the boards, the family is all in! Our motto is to everyday Live Free and Have Fun!

    Contact Info:

    Email: info@durhamlongboards.com

    Phone: (541) 973-8599